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Lisa Blu Beauty

Personalized beauty and skin care recommendations to ensure you feel exceptional in your own skin.


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Meet Lisa

Lisa Blue has been in the fashion and modeling industry the past 30 years. She developed a true passion for aesthetics and cosmetic procedures.

Known for her trusted expertise, Lisa has helped thousands of clients achieve total transformations by pairing the latest in skin care technology with the most cutting-edge products and procedures on the market. Currently holding multiple certifications and successfully treating patients from all over the world.


Over the years, she has attended various local and international training and anatomy courses as well as assisted and observed various surgical procedures in the OR.


Working alongside some of the industry’s most renowned surgeons, Lisa is able to apply her experience to help guide and align her clients with the most skilled niche specialist, innovative treatments, and products. With her sharp aesthetic eye, she is dedicated to providing the best results for her clients while maintaining their natural beauty.


Lisa’s attention to detail and ability to find and vet the best of the best is unparalleled. She is meticulous about testing, efficacy, and safety standards. Her expertise and knowledge provides next level results, which allows her clients to look and feel “beautiful.”


Over the past 15 years, Lisa has offered her aesthetic consulting services. With an ongoing need of finding board-certified surgeons, specialists and treatments and the increased risk of complications makes it mandatory to have an aesthetic expert by your side. She personally vets and triple checks all surgeons/specialist and tests all products to make sure you and your safety are the top priority.


Her mission is to help individuals look and feel their best with a discretion for privacy, which has allowed Lisa to work with celebrities, fashion models and musicians. Building and maintaining a trusting, long lasting friendship is most important to Lisa. She prides herself in helping her clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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During your consultation, Lisa will help to narrow your procedure options as well as identify a specialist perfect for your needs.


With 650+ of the best board-certified surgeons in her network, Lisa takes the guesswork out of beauty procedures. 

After following your instructions 
on how to utilize these new serums and lotions on an AM and PM schedule, I have seen, first-hand, the immediate results.

Not only do I see the results, myself, but the many compliments coming from friends and even strangers, commenting on my skins’ new glow, is so uplifting.

My sincerest thanks for giving me the right products and instructions on maintaining a much needed healthier skin .

I know you will be successful, assisting other women and men,  on how to look the best you can for as long as you can.

Mickey, TX

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