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Lipid Recovery Mask (5 face masks)

Lipid Recovery Mask (5 face masks)


For the face: An ultra-concentrated version of our Lipid Serum delivered through a bio-cellulose mask, this deeply healing treatment instantly calms and soothes our skin in as little as 10–15 minutes.

  • Pre and Post Treatment Protocol

    Pre-Treatment Protocol: While it’s never too early to start using any EPICUTIS products, we recommend using our Lipid Recovery Mask 1–2 days prior to invasive aesthetic treatments.

    Post-Treatment Protocol: To soothe inflammation and speed repair, apply our Lipid Recovery Mask immediately after treatment, and repeat once daily for as long as symptoms persist.

  • Benefits

    • Helps reduce the appearance of redness

    • Promotes healthier looking skin Improves skin texture appearance

    • Leaves skin feeling smoother and tighter

    • Provides a soothing feeling to skin

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